Doing What You Gotta Do

Just get it done!

I stressed heavily in my last post that you need to get your mind right by doing exercise.  Hopefully you’ve already done that!  Remember, it can be anything…  You could join a gym, boxing outfit or take some martial arts classes.  It’s easier than you think to get in shape.

Another point I’d like to make is that you’ve got to “Do What You Gotta Do”.

What I mean by that is…  TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Go to work, clean your house, mow your lawn and exercise.  Do everything that a normal person would do.  If you only game, have no job and live out of your mom’s house that’s going to hurt your mindset when you’re gaming hard.

Imagine how much stress you’ll have tucked deep into the back of your mind.

Imagine how great it would feel to start sit down at your desk and start working on a couple build orders knowing that you’ve already taken care of everything.

So do the work.  One thing that I see people often neglect is taking care of their lawn.  I called up a local landscaper by the name of Pro Landscaping of Brookfield the other day and had them come out for an estimate.  Their estimate was a little high, but I signed up for weekly mowing anyway.  I used to have to spend 3-4 hours every Sunday behind the lawn mower keeping my grass trimmed neatly.

Now I spend those same 3-4 hours working on Terran Build Orders.  It’s payed off and I’ve graduated to Diamond 2.  Sure it costed me about $250 a month, but when it comes down to spending 16 hours over the course of a month it’s worth it.

I basically bought my time back at $15 an hour.  My job pays me $25 an hour so it works out well.

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