Making Exercise Fun by Doing Martial Arts

Time will fly by!

One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that exercise needs to be fun.  Working out can’t feel like working out.  In my last article I pointed out that Exercise is VERY important for Performance in the gaming world, see that article by clicking here.

The problem is that because we’re so fixated by staring into the screen when we’re playing our e-sport of choice that we’re unable to get the same stimulation from traditional forms of exercise.  Whether you’re a huge starcraft 2 and hots fan like myself or you’re into some first person shooters you know that nothing “IRL” really compares.

It’s sick right?

Sickly… AWESOME.

martial arts

Martial Arts has always been a great outlet for me to get my fitness level up while not feel like I’m actually working out.  Through my childhood I’ve done a bunch of different taekwondo, karate and martial art classes.  I grew up in Fairfield County, Connecticut and loved heading to the local dojo from an early age.  Martial Arts in Connecticut was where I learned how to defend myself, the importance of fitness and even how to focus my mind.  Sparring was one of my go to fitness activities after I graduated high school.  Sparring is kind of like play fighting except with pads in all the right places!

If you’re aren’t doing anything right now to get in shape I highly recommend checking out a Martial Arts Class near you.  It’s a great way to get in shape and prime your focus so you’re ready to kill other players online.

Definitions for Non-Gamers

IRL = In Real Life

Starcraft 2 = One of the best strategy games of all time.  Based with 3 races, the Zerg, Protoss and Terran

HOTS = Heroes of the Storm which is a very similar game to DOTA.