Exercise for Performance

Yes.. You’ll have to actually workout

I’m not saying you need to start chugging proteinwhoa shakes and turn into the person that you despise, but exercise is what we call the “blade of life”.  Being in shape, fit and strong helps you in many ways.

Still looking at the picture?  Wondering exactly what that means?  Sure you are!

It’s there to get your attention, but it’s not exactly what I’m talking about.  There’s a story which I’m about to share with you regarding the “blade of life” and two brothers with axes.

Sharpening the Blade of Life..  A Short Story

Two brothers we’re sitting down to eat dinner on their farm when brother one (we’ll name him Kevin) asked brother two (we’ll name him Will) to entertain a challenge for the next morning.

“I reckon I’ll be able to finish my wood chopping duties before you tomorrow, Will” Kevin explained to Will.

“I guarantee you won’t, and to further that guarantee I’ll bet you cooking duties,” said Will sharply.

Kevin immediately OK’d the challenge.  The next day they awoke at the same time and Kevin immediately went outside to get a head start on his work.  Will on the other hand decided to sharpen his blade for the next hour.  Kevin stood in the window laughing and pointing at Will as he was already done with 2 logs.

By the time Will was out the door Kevin was on his 3rd log.  Sure enough Will went to work..

Hours passed.

Kevin’s blade got dull and his progressed slowed.  Will’s blade was sharp and he was able to be a lot more productive than Kevin.

Sure enough he finished first.  Kevin shocked is dismay learned a valuable lesson that day.  Sharpen your blade…

Moral of the Story (for those skimmers)

Exercise, eating right, and treating your body right is how you sharpen your blade.  Get your exercise so you can feed your addiction and get addicted to winning.

The Disease

Disease & Addiction

You need to have a addictive personality to be good at E-Sports because the sport demands a serious work ethic.  I literally play 24/7 all three hundred and sixty five days a year.  I’m non-stop playing.  As you can see by the lovely layout of this blog I’m not keen on keeping it pretty.  I’m rather keen on keeping the content effective.

With that being said you need to addicted the process of becoming the best player in the world.  Literally, the addiction needs to be so strong that you can’t stop and think about anything else in the world except for gaming.  Starcraft 2 is one of my favorite things to do in the world.  Heck, real life takes a backseat.

No matter what I’m doing I’m thinking about how I can perfectly time out a zerg rush or how I can micro my first drone to piss off the terran opponent even more while building my base up perfecting timed.  The level of play in the higher master leagues is insane.  If you don’t have your build down to the second you’ll get smashed when it comes down to mid-game.  One zealot off, one roach off or one upgrade off… that’s all it takes to lose/win a game in the masters league.

To be one of the best players in the world you need to be up on all the latest information.  I follow Day9 and his videos about starcraft because he’s a very progressive player.

Here’s one of his videos about micro.  I’ll get into micro a little more in later blog posts.


Welcome to Peak Hosting!  I’ll be teaching you the finer aspects of professional e-gaming.  Hope you’re ready for to dive deep into the highest levels of competition.

You better have what it takes.